Send Campaign via API

Reach out to your Account Manager for details on how to set up a campaign/flow.

Important: Currently custom parameters like variables, custom images and URL suffix are only supported on the first message of a campaign flow. This is on the roadmap for Q4 2023.

The Connectly Message Service API allows you to send a sequence of messages (bot/flow) from one API call by adding the campaignName parameter.

Your account manager can help you with the flow and share the campaign name that you invoke in the API request.

Here are the steps on how to find the campaignName parameter on your own.

Create your campaign in the inbox

  1. Go through all the steps and send campaign to yourself (WhatsApp phone number)

  2. Verify that the campaign was sent succesfully

  3. Go back to Flow Builder

  4. Select Resend or Edit a Campaign

  5. Find your campaign and copy the name of it

  6. Use it in the campaignName

     "sender": "+14151111234",
     "number": "+1(604) 585 2331",
     "templateName": "tempalte", 
     "language": "en",
     "parameters": [],
     "campaignName": "template123" 

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