How to use time delay?

You can now set a delay for sending a follow-up message. This feature allows you to target all customers, regardless of their interactions to your initial message, or exclusively target those who did not engage with a button in your message. It's important to note that the delay period for sending a follow-up cannot exceed 20 hours.

Follow these steps to add time delay to your flow:

1.Local the β€œTime delay” card on the left side of the campaign builder interface. Simply drag and drop this card onto your canvas.

2.Set the time delay for up to 20 hours and define the condition for this delay. You can target all customers, regardless of their interaction with your initial message, or specifically those who didn't click a button in your initial message.

3.Connect the initial message card to your time delay card.

4.Connect the time delay card to your follow-up message card when ready.

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