Create a webhook registration by event topic

Register your endpoint to receive Connectly webhook events

You can provide your endpoint to receive Connectly webhook events. When creating an endpoint you need to provide:

  1. your endpoint address

  2. webhook topic you are interested to receive events from

You can only register one endpoint address per each webhook topic.


To register your endpoint to receive client messages, you can send a post request to the above URL with:


Later when clients message back, you will receive a payload similar to the following:

{u'sender': {u'channelType': u'whatsapp', u'id': u'+12223334444', u'name': u'Tom'}, u'timestamp': u'1661301940', u'buttonResponse': {u'text': u'Yes I'm interested', u'id': u'01GB6MZR50BY04MDAQH6TVYN40', u'payload': u'1'}, u'topic': u'messages', u'recipient': {u'channelType': u'whatsapp', u'id': u'+15556667777', u'name': u'Business'}, u'metadata': None}

Available topics



Subscribes you to receive WhatsApp messages from your clients {"timestamp":"1640203838", "sender":{"id":"+16044441111", "channelType":"whatsapp"}, "recipient":{"id":"+16041112222", "channelType":"whatsapp"}, "message":{"text":"hello"}}


Subscribes you to receive WhatsApp delivery status updates. These events tell you the transmission status of your message: - delivered - read - delivery_failed

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