Error codes

The invalid or error API calls have the following response structure:

    "message": "Failed to send a message because more than 24 hours have passed since the customer last replied",
    "userTitle": "Failed to send a message because more than 24 hours have passed since the customer last replied",
    "userMessage": "Pass along the connectly trace id 'cnct_trace_id' to the team for more information.",
    "cntTraceId": "11824978358485860716",
    "details": {}
  • message - the description of the error

  • type - the error type, please see the section below for more details

  • code - a specific error instance

  • userTitle - an expanded error description

  • userMessage - the user instructions for troubleshooting

  • cntTraceId - Connectly trace ID, used by Connectly engineers for troubleshooting

  • details - more details

Error Codes

ERROR_CODE_INVALID_SENDER_ID - the phone number is not valid

ERROR_CODE_PHONE_NUMBER_BAD_FORMAT - bad phone format number

ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_ATTACHMENTS_NUMBER_INVALID - invalid number of attachments, currently Connectly API supports only one attachment at a time

ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_TEXT_EMPTY - message text is empty

ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUND - the template for the specified name and language does not exist, please create it first

ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE_INPUT_INVALID - message template inputs are not valid

ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_ATTACHMENT_EMPTY - message attachment URL is empty

ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_ATTACHMENT_INVALID - message attachment URL is invalid and can't be parsed

ERROR_CODE_BUSINESS_MISSES_MATCHING_CHANNEL - business is missing sender channel of matching channel type

ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_OUTSIDE_OF_ELIGIBILITY_WINDOW - failed to send a message because more than 24 hours have passed since the customer last replied

ERROR_CODE_BUSINESS_REACHED_LIMITS - business reached the restrictions on how many messages can be sent from this channel. Too many previous messages were blocked or flagged as spam

ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_SELF_INVALID - this message type can't be sent to yourself. Please use a different receiver


ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_CUSTOMER_OPTED_OUT - customer opted out of receiving template messages

ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_CUSTOMER_NO_CONVERSATION_INITIATION - you can not use the send message API when the customer has not performed the initial reach out, check out our send templated message API

ERROR_CODE_BUSINESS_KEY_SECRET_ABSENT - business API secret is not initialized. Please initialize it or contact Connectly team for more information

ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE_DELETED - new language content can't be added while the existing language content is being deleted. Try again in 4 weeks or consider creating a new message template

ERROR_CODE_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE_INVALID_PARAM - invalid message template parameter is provided, please check that all the template message variables, buttons, and parameters are present and correct

ERROR_CODE_BUSINESS_RATE_LIMIT_REACHED - business reached the rate limit

Error Types

ERROR_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED - unexpected error type, please contact the team to understand more. ERROR_TYPE_AUTHENTICATION - invalid authentication credentials (e.g invalid API key). ERROR_TYPE_AUTHORIZATION - no authorization found for the resource (e.g API key does not have access to business_id). ERROR_TYPE_RATE_LIMIT - the API rate limit is exceeded, please wait for couple minutes and try again. ERROR_TYPE_INVALID_REQUEST - the request payload is not valid, please refer to the API documentation and fix the request payload. ERROR_TYPE_DEADLINE_EXCEEDED - request time out, please contact the team to understand more. ERROR_TYPE_NOT_FOUND - the requested resource does not exist. ERROR_TYPE_CONFLICT - the resource already exists and the new one can not be created, please use the update operation instead of create. ERROR_TYPE_CONTEXT_CANCLED - the client requested the timeout, please check your HTTP client parameters and increase the time-out limit. ERROR_TYPE_BUSINESS_LIMIT - the business has reached the account limits.

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