Messaging API returns error when trying to send a message to a customer: "Failed to send a message because more than 24 hours have passed since the customer last replied".

WhatsApp has this eligiblity rule that businesses can only reply back to a customer within 24hrs of a customer's messages. As an alternative, you can send a template message when this happens.

I am within the 24-hr window but I still get the above error.

In this case you may have multiple numbers with us and you want to specify from which number to send messages. Otherwise, our backend will choose one at random which may not be the one you are thinking of. E.g. you need to add the following to your request:

"sender": {
         "id": "+11234567890",
         "channelType": "whatsapp"

Can't figure it out? email us at engineering@connectly.ai

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