Message your customers on Zendesk through Connectly

If you are using Zendesk as your main CRM you can route WhatsApp messages to Zendesk.

Customer conversations will be shown as tickets in Zendesk. Whenever you post a reply on the ticket the customer receives a WhatsApp message with your reply.



  1. Please contact to request Zendesk integration functionality. If you do not contact the integration will not work

Zendesk setup

Connectly gets access to your Zendesk using the Zendesk API token. Follow the tutorial on Zendesk to generate your API key.

Pass the following information to your Connectly account manager:

  • Zendesk API key

  • Zendesk domain (e.g See this link

  • WhatsApp welcome message contents

  • Zendesk ticket subject

  • Zendesk first ticket comment

This will give Connectly access to your Zendesk ticket data only.


Connectly will manage your WhatsApp account and phone number. For more information visit Meta documentation.

Connectly will have access to all your messages, WABA information, message delivery statistics, and billing. For more information visit Meta documentation.

Security & Data Protection

Connectly maintains stringent security protocols for managing customer data. All information is secured both at rest and during transit through robust encryption mechanisms.


Please visit this page for privacy policy.

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