In order to develop with us, you need a business account and an API key so that you can authenticate with the Connectly API. Contact us at [email protected] if you don’t have them.

WhatsApp API prerequisites

To start using the Connectly Messaging API for WhatsApp, you will need the following:
  • A verified Facebook Business Manager account
  • A valid phone number with the ability to receive phone calls or SMS (contact us if you need a phone number for testing or production)
  • Admin access to the Facebook Business Manager account

WABA explained

You need to acquire a WABA (WhatsApp Business Account) in order to send/receive WA messages as a business account.
As a Whatsapp BSP(Business Service Provider) we support onboarding to WABA directly from our inbox. To sign up for a WABA make sure you have access to the following resources:
  • Facebook page
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • a phone number where you can either receive SMS or phone calls for verification.