In order to develop with us, you need a business account and an API key so that you can authenticate with the Connectly API. Contact us at if you don’t have them.

WhatsApp API prerequisites

To start using the Connectly Messaging API for WhatsApp, you will need the following:

  • A verified Facebook Business Manager account

  • A valid phone number with the ability to receive phone calls or SMS (contact us if you need a phone number for testing or production)

  • Admin access to the Facebook Business Manager account

WABA explained

You need to acquire a WABA (WhatsApp Business Account) in order to send/receive WA messages as a business account.

As a Whatsapp BSP(Business Service Provider) we support onboarding to WABA directly from our inbox. To sign up for a WABA make sure you have access to the following resources:

  • Facebook page

  • Facebook Business Manager

  • a phone number where you can either receive SMS or phone calls for verification.

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