How to use Sofia AI?

Sofia AI is designed to instantly answer common questions about products and services when your customers inquire via WhatsApp.

1.Setup Sofia AI

1-1 Initial Configuration:

Visit Sofia AI's homepage and follow the instructions to input your business information. You have several options for providing this information: entering text manually, uploading documents, or scanning your website (which takes about 3 business days). The more comprehensive the information you provide, the more effectively Sofia AI can respond to your customers' questions. We recommend including Q&A sections, blogs, store policies, user manuals, or any other materials relevant to your business.

1-2 Activation and Testing:

The setup process typically takes no more than 5 minutes for the text or document upload options. Once completed, the [test on WhatsApp] button will become available. Click on this to open WhatsApp, where you can interact with Sofia AI and evaluate its responses. Continually adding information will enhance Sofia AI's effectiveness.

2.Integrating Sofia AI into Your Campaign Builder

2-1 Integration:

After activating Sofia AI, a new feature called “Sofia AI Takeover” will appear on the left side of the campaign builder interface. Simply drag and drop this card onto your canvas.

2-2 Customization:

A default “Simple message” card, linked to the “Sofia AI Takeover” card, is created automatically. This serves as the AI's welcome message, greeting customers and informing them they are interacting with a virtual assistant. It's important to customize and optimize this message to suit your business's tone and customer engagement strategy.

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