WebEngage Integration

Message to your customers from WebEngage

WebEngage is an advanced customer data platform and marketing automation suite designed to streamline user engagement and boost customer retention for both consumer tech enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Key Features:

  • Marketing automation for efficient campaigns.

  • Simplified user engagement strategies.

  • Effective tools for consumer tech enterprises and SMBs.

Connecting with Your Customers through Connectly WhatsApp:

With WebEngage, you can easily send marketing campaigns and establish automated messaging flows through Connectly WhatsApp, ensuring seamless communication with your customers.

You need to be fully on boarded to Connectly platform and have a working business WhatsApp phone number.

You can sign up here https://www.connectly.ai/


Reach out to your account manager or drop us an email at engineering@connectly.ai for us to give your business ID the correct permissions.

For this integration you will need:

  1. Connectly Business ID

  2. Connectly API Key

  3. Connectly WhatsApp phone number

Step 1: Set up the integration on WebEngage

  • Go to your WebEngage dashboard

  • On the configuration page provide the Business ID, API Key and WhatsApp phone number

Step 2: Delivery Statuses

To get the delivery analytics set up, you will need to create a web hook for Connectly to send delivery status back to you. Connectly allows you to create webhooks via our API. Learn how to create webhooks at:

Create a webhook registration by event topic

WebEngage webhook configuration body

You must get your WebEngage token from your web engage account manager, alternativly you can shoot them a message: https://webengage.com/contact-us/

When creating the web hook for WebEngage, a configuration, in the format below needs to be provided. The two values that you need to input are:

  • timezone: has to be in the Area/City format, for example: Asia/Riyadh

  • webengage_token: WebEngage token provided by your account manager

    "address": "http://wt.webengage.com/tracking/events",
    "type": "webengage",
    "configuration": {
        "webengageConfiguration": {
            "webengage_token": "<TOKEN>",
            "webengage_webhook_url": "http://wt.webengage.com/tracking/events"

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